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Come Inside and Meet the Mrs Labyrinth worm necklace

Come Inside and Meet the Mrs Labyrinth worm necklace

This black gothic setting featuring the adorable little 'Ello worm dude from Labyrinth. Such an adorable character and piece of nostalgia from the 80's!


The pendant measure 30x20mm which is just slightly more than an inch long.

The gunmetal black chain measures 18" but please do add a note to your order if you prefer a different length.

  • Jewellery care

    Image necklaces:
    Please do not immerse in water. I seal and protect the images as much as possible but to ensure they remain clear it's best to not wear them in the shower or bath.

    I use high quality nickel free chain which is resistant to losing its shine. However, all metal is susceptible to changes under the following conditions - dampness, perfume and aftershave, reactions with acidic skin (the latter is less common).
    Please be careful when spraying perfume and avoid leaving in damp areas such as a bathroom or near a kitchen sink.